Interviewing leaders

in mental health

Interviewing leaders in mental health

MINDinMIND Legacy Interviews

Each expert passionately showcased groundbreaking work

Prof Paul Gilbert recording thumbnail photo in green circle bg

Prof Paul Gilbert

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Chris Irons, Daniel Wilson, Deborah Lee, Hannah Gilbert, Matthieu Ricard, Nicola Petrocchi

Visionary creator of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

Prof Alan Sroufe recording thumbnail photo in green circle bg

Prof Alan Sroufe

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Mary Dozier, Arietta Slade, Jeremy Holmes, Dante Cicchetti, Dan Siegel, Robbie Duschinsky, Everett Waters

Leading attachment expert of his generation

Prof Beatrice Beebe recording thumbnail photo in green circle bg

Prof Beatrice Beebe

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Dr Frank Lachmann, Dr Phyllis Cohen, Dr Estelle Shane, Dr Trinh Nguyen

Acclaimed psychoanalyst and pioneer in Infant-Parent Communication

Eating Disorders Symposium recording thumbnail - image of the 6 guests who spoke at this symposium

Eating Disorders in Young People


With Guests

Prof James Lock, Jeanne Magagna, Elizabeth Anscombe, Shila Rashid, Experts with Experience

Effective interventions & new treatments with leading experts

Dr Amanda Jones recording thumbnail photo in green circle bg

Dr Amanda Jones

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Angela Joyce, Michela Biseo

Pioneering Perinatal Consultant Psychotherapist

Dr Anne Alvarez recording thumbnail photo in green circle bg

Dr Anne Alvarez

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Dr Graham Music, Dr Robin Holloway

Renowned psychotherapist shares her wisdom on treating childhood trauma

Professor Ruth Feldman Legacy Interview - photo only with MINDinMIND logo

Prof Ruth Feldman

Legacy Interview

With Guests

Dr. Daphna Dollberg, Dr Shafiq Masalha

Visionary leader in understanding human connection

Stephen Seligman Interview screenshot of him sitting on a couch smiling

Dr Stephen Seligman

Legacy Interview

Pioneering psychoanalyst integrating cutting-edge research

Penelope Leach, CBE - photo of Penelope Leach with an infant looking at a book. Both are smiling

Dr Penelope Leach, CBE

Legacy Interview

Renowned baby researcher and parenting guide

A screenshot from a MINDinMIND interview with Jeanne Magagna

Dr Jeanne Magagna

Legacy Interview

Leading expert on eating disorders and silent children

Lydia Tischler – MINDinMIND Interview

Dr Lydia Tischler

Legacy Interview

Holocaust survivor pioneering treatment for at risk families

Screenshot image from video interview of Isca Wittenberg

Isca Wittenberg

Legacy Interview

70 years of groundbreaking wisdom as a pioneering Child Psychotherapist

Dilys Daws Interview screenshot

Dilys Daws

Legacy Interview

Acclaimed child psychotherapist on six decades advocating for infant mental health

Interview video thumbnail of Juliet Hopkins

Juliet Hopkins

Legacy Interview

Influential child psychotherapist on motherhood and attachment theory

Video screenshot from an interview with Monica Lanyado

Monica Lanyado

Legacy Interview

Treating the most traumatised children and maintaining hope

MINDinMIND Interviews - Gianna Polacco Williams

Gianna Polacco Williams

Legacy Interview

‘Double Deprivation’: treating deprived and abused children

Screenshots of interviews from MINDinMIND launch event

Launch of MINDinMIND

Watch live recording of MINDinMIND’s launch and Gianna Williams discussion

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