Interviewing leaders

in mental health

Interviewing leaders in mental health

Latest Legacy Interviews

Alan Sroufe legacy Interview recording screenshot

Prof Alan Sroufe

& Special Guests

Mary Dozier, Arietta Slade, Jeremy Holmes, Dante Cicchetti, Dan Siegel, Robbie Duschinsky & Everett Waters

Legacy Interview with acclaimed attachment expert and ‘Premier developmentalist of his generation’

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I wanted to let you know that of all the CE courses I have taken over the last three years the Alan Sroufe interview was the best—far above all the others. Thank you for creating this series.

Beatrice Beebe Legacy interview recording screenshot v2 no player 1024x576 1

Prof Beatrice Beebe

& Special Guests

Dr Frank Lachmann, Dr Phyllis Cohen, Dr Estelle Shane & Dr Trinh Nguyen

Legacy Interview with internationally acclaimed psychoanalyst, researcher and pioneer in infant-parent communication

– Access this recording for £36 –

“I wanted to thank you for the  interview. I have been a Beatrice Beebe groupie for over 35 years and I was enthralled to be there. I was also so blown away by Beatrice’s guests.”

Dr Amanda Jones interview Vimeo video player screenshot - Amanda is smiling at the interviewer

Dr Amanda Jones

& Special Guests

Angela Joyce & Michela Biseo

Acclaimed perinatal psychotherapist sharing her wisdom & long clinical experience helping parents and their babies with mental illness

– Access this recording for £36 –

“I really value Amanda’s combination of analytical and systemic understandings turned into ordinary human language, and (as I experienced it watching her work) love in action.”

Feedback from our audience:

An outstanding evening filled with diverse perspectives left me humbled yet energized

Each expert passionately showcased groundbreaking work

Can we get a recording? So much to revisit and be nourished by!

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