Interviewing leaders

in mental health

Interviewing leaders in mental health

Professor Ruth Feldman portrait photo on green circle bg

Professor Ruth Feldman Legacy Interview

Visionary pioneer of the neuroscience of human connection

A MINDinMIND Legacy Interview

Professor Ruth Feldman Legacy Interview

Visionary pioneer of the neuroscience of human connection

A MINDinMIND Legacy Interview

Professor Ruth Feldman portrait photo on green circle bg

Latest Legacy Interviews

Paul Gilbert Legacy interview recording screenshot

Prof Paul Gilbert

& Special Guests

Matthieu Ricard, Deborah Lee, Chris Irons, Hannah Gilbert, Nicola Petrocchi & Daniel Wilson

Venture into the heart of compassion with Prof Paul Gilbert, OBE, a pioneer in psychology and the visionary creator of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

– Access this recording for £36 –

“I want to thank you for introducing CFT and Paul Gilbert’s work. I find it fascinating and very helpful. I’m now reading his book and I think it should be on child therapy training.”

Beatrice Beebe Legacy interview recording screenshot v2 no player 1024x576 1

Prof Beatrice Beebe

& Special Guests

Dr Frank Lachmann, Dr Phyllis Cohen, Dr Estelle Shane & Dr Trinh Nguyen

Legacy Interview with internationally acclaimed psychoanalyst, researcher and pioneer in Infant-Parent Communication

– Access this recording for £36 –

“I wanted to thank you for the  interview. I have been a Beatrice Beebe groupie for over 35 years and I was enthralled to be there. I was also so blown away by Beatrice’s guests.”

Alan Sroufe Legacy interview recording screenshot

Prof Alan Sroufe

& Special Guests

Mary Dozier, Arietta Slade, Jeremy Holmes, Dante Cicchetti, Dan Siegel, Robbie Duschinsky & Everett Waters

Legacy Interview with acclaimed attachment expert and ‘Premier developmentalist of his generation’

– Access this recording for £36 –

I wanted to let you know that of all the CE courses I have taken over the last three years the Alan Sroufe interview was the best—far above all the others. Thank you for creating this series.

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In depth conversations with leaders in mental health.

Eating Disorders Symposium Guest Speakers with MiM logo 2

Eating Disorders in Young People Symposium

Deepening Understanding of Effective Interventions & New Advances in Treatment with World Leading Specialists

Dr Amanda Jones recording Vimeo video screenshot

Dr Amanda Jones

Acclaimed Perinatal Psychotherapist Sharing Her Wisdom & Long Clinical Experience Helping Parents and Their Babies with Mental Illness

Anne Alvarez vimeo video screenshot no player

Dr Anne Alvarez

One of Child Psychology's Most Admired & Respected Therapists Sharing Her Thinking & Wisdom Working with Traumatised Children

Professor Ruth Feldman Legacy Interview - photo only with MINDinMIND logo

Prof Ruth Feldman

Exploring her groundbreaking research on biobehavioral synchrony, empathy, Tools of Dialogue for youth, the biology of resilience, kangaroo care & maternal depression.

Stephen Seligman Interview screenshot of him sitting on a couch smiling

Stephen Seligman

Infancy, childhood & psychotherapy: integration & innovation

Penelope Leach and infant

Penelope Leach, CBE

Outstanding Baby Mental Health Pioneer, Penelope Leach Your Baby and Child | Legacy Interview

A screenshot from a MINDinMIND interview with Jeanne Magagna

Jeanne Magagna

Leading expert on silent children, eating disorders & the art of infant observation

Lydia Tischler – MINDinMIND Interview

Lydia Tischler

One of the first child psychotherapists to train with Anna Freud

Screenshot image from video interview of Isca Wittenberg

Isca Wittenberg

A child psychotherapist, prolific teacher and mentor after surviving the Holocaust.

Dilys Daws Interview screenshot

Dilys Daws

Working therapeutically to help babies and parents in difficulty

Interview video thumbnail of Juliet Hopkins

Juliet Hopkins

Too Good Mothering, uncle John Bowlby & attachment theory

Video screenshot from an interview with Monica Lanyado

Monica Lanyado

Transforming Despair to Hope: how to help traumatised children. Legacy interview

MINDinMIND Interviews - Gianna Polacco Williams

Gianna Polacco Williams

How even the most deprived and traumatised children can be helped

Screenshots of interviews from MINDinMIND launch event

Launch of MINDinMIND

Watch live recording of MINDinMIND’s launch and a discussion Gianna Williams

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