Interviewing leaders

in mental health

Interviewing leaders in mental health

Dr Anne Alvarez Legacy Interview Recording details

– Watch this recording for £39 includes a 2 hour CEU/CPD certificate –

Dr Anne Alvarez Legacy Interview

One of child psychotherapy’s most admired and respected therapists alive today sharing her thinking and wisdom working with traumatised children and autism.

With Special Guests

Dr Graham Music & Dr Robin Holloway

“This is the best online event I have ever attended. Anne is an incredible speaker. Thank you Anne and all the MINDinMIND team for crafting such a remarkable two hours.”

Dr Anne Alvarez

This is an insightful exploration of Anne’s clinical work, incorporating her findings from infant research and neuroscience, including:

– Anne Alvarez’s concept of the three levels of interpretation; a framework she developed to understand and interpret the play and communication of children in psychotherapy. This allows the therapist to go beyond the surface-level observations and delve into the deeper layers of meaning

– ‘The concept of ‘Reclamation’ whereby the therapist takes a more active role in helping a child find life and meaning

– The integration of psychoanalytic theory alongside developmental thinking and neurobiology

– Anne’s life story that led to her work as a child psychotherapist and how events and people around her shaped her thinking

Anne Alvarez and her guests are in conversation with the Founder of MINDinMIND, Jane O’Rourke, herself a child psychotherapist.

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