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Interviewing leaders in mental health

The ‘Children of Covid’ photographic exhibition by Bex Day explores the emotional impact of the pandemic on children growing up during the lockdown.

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Curated by:  Sandrine Servent

Exhibition:  Until 31st July 2021 Offshoot Gallery, London, N2

A photo of a girl lying on a bed looking into the camera

Photo by Bex Day

In July of 2020, photographer Bex Day lived with a friend and her 2-year-old daughter who had begun experiencing delays in speech development due to a lack of social interaction. This inspired her to document how the pandemic was impacting children during their formative years.

MINDinMIND is delighted to be featuring some of Bex Day’s photographs, including triplets Ayobambi, Ayooluwa, Ayokunle. They movingly depict the loss experienced by children during the pandemic.

The photographs come accompanied by text written by each child. Children of Covid is currently shortlisted for the British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Humanity Prize, Wolf Suschiztky Prize and the Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition.

The exhibition is sponsored by Blaze Image, The Graphical Tree, Desisto, and it is partnered with MindinMind and Young Minds.

A photo of a girl with eyes closed and rainbow reflection on face

Photo by Bex Day

Bex Day

Bex Day is a photographer and director from London. Well known for empowering the overlooked and underrepresented through her striking photography, Bex aims to ‘produce playful, humorous and surreal imagery that questions the effects of labelling on identity. Her portfolio constitutes an amalgamation of these themes, focusing predominantly on gender, diversity, individuality, the human condition and freedom of choice’. / @bex_day

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