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“I really value Amanda’s combination of analytical and systemic understandings turned into ordinary human language, and (as I experienced it watching her work) love in action.”

Dr Amanda Jones
& Special Guests

Angela Joyce & Michela Biseo

Acclaimed perinatal clinician Dr Amanda Jones discusses her pioneering work as a Consultant Perinatal Psychotherapist. She shares her understanding of how psychodynamic parent infant therapy and systemic thinking can be a powerful therapeutic approach.

Her documentaries have also
been an invaluable tool to practitioners working with parents and babies.

We discuss her unique impact with her two special guests, leading parent infant psychotherapists, Angela Joyce and Michela Biseo.

This rich and evocative conversation with Amanda and her special guests gives the audience an insight into her clinical thinking and the challenges facing all clinicians working with infants and parents including:

– Complexity of the family system and the intergenerational trauma that can haunt the new parent/baby relationship

– Her doctoral research showing how mothers’ use of maladaptive defensive processes can derail their baby’s development.

– How defensive processes can be triggered in everyone involved in perinatal care, and how these processes affect parents and professionals, particularly in the wake of a baby’s birth.

– What constitutes “good enough” parenting, how to think about parental care and the lived experiences and revived childhood feelings that can make parenting painful

– How to use Amanda’s Parental Care model which aims to help clinicians systematically think about what’s important from a baby’s point of view and a way of sharing concerns with a parent and professional network.

Dr Amanda Jones and her guests are in conversation with the Founder of MINDinMIND, Jane O’Rourke, herself a child psychotherapist.

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