LIVE Legacy Interview with Internationally Acclaimed Attachment Expert: Professor Alan Sroufe

With Special Guests Prof Mary Dozier and Prof Arietta Slade

March 28, 2024 | 5pm-7pm UK / 1pm-3pm EST by Zoom

‘The premier developmentalist of his generation’, and ‘Attachment chief spokesperson of the United States.’

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders. 2 hour CPD/CEU certificate included with your certification.

As the 50th anniversary approaches of the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children, the first of its kind to provide longitudinal evidence about attachment relationships, we will be asking Alan Sroufe about his extraordinary life’s work, and the key factors that influence individual development.

And we are delighted that alongside Alan will be his two very special guests, who are prominent leaders in the field of child psychology, Professor Arietta Slade and Professor Mary Dozier.

Arietta Slade is a former MINDinMIND legacy interviewee. She is a distinguished figure in the field of clinical child psychology, celebrated for her significant contributions to understanding reflective parenting and the practical applications of attachment theory in clinical settings.

Mary Dozier is a leading American psychologist renowned for her substantial contributions to the field of prevention science and attachment theory.

Alan Sroufe is Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Institute of Child Development. From the beginning of his academic career, Alan’s motivation to pursue the study of human development was both academic and personal. He was always curious about why people were the way they were and how it might be possible to function well, even with a history of family dysfunction.

With a prolific scholarly record, Sroufe has authored 160 articles and eight books on these subjects, including the award-winning ‘The Development of the Person’ and ‘A Compelling Idea: How We Become the Persons We Are.’

Key areas of discussion with Alan:

  • The growth of the individual and how we become who we are
  • Attachment as a relationship, based on the infant’s interactive history with the parent
  • What is meant by a secure attachment?
  • The role of attachment and parental responsiveness in emotion regulation
  • How attachment relationships provide the foundation for a sense of agency, connectedness with others, and social competence
  • Why and how do early attachment experiences have a lasting legacy?
  • How individuals bring forward expectations of relational experiences and why is change difficult?
  • How then can we change and grow despite a history of anxious attachment?
  • What happens to early experience following developmental change?
  • Resilience as a product of development
  • The consequences of stress and why early stress has more impact on health outcomes than later stress?
  • Psychopathology as an outcome of development, not an inborn character flaw
  • What stops transmission of trauma and why attachment is not a pessimistic deterministic idea

Mary Dozier says, ‘Alan Sroufe can be seen as the most influential attachment researcher of all times and the inspiration for the work of many attachment researchers from his generation and generations to follow. The Minnesota Longitudinal Project, initiated by Alan and his colleague Byron Egeland in 1975, which followed children from infancy throughout childhood and into adulthood, has served as an aspirational model for others. Alan very carefully considered which developmental tasks are most salient at each developmental stage, and designed observational assessments of those tasks. I have relied heavily on Alan’s conceptualization of key developmental tasks and his operationalization of these tasks in her own randomized controlled trials’.

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders. A CEU/CPD certificate is included with your ticket.

There will be time for questions from the audience.

Alan will be in conversation with Jane O’Rourke

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming you.

Jane O’Rourke
Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist
Founder, MINDinMIND

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