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Jeanne Magagna

Themes: Infant observation, Eating Disorders, Silent Children

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Lydia Tischler: one of the first child psychotherapists to train with Anna Freud

Themes: Trauma, Community psychotherapy, Parent Infant Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

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“Covid-19: The Human Suffering And Anxiety Brings Children Possibilities For Emotional Growth”

Themes: Covid-19, Emotional growth, Anxiety

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Why take therapy out of the clinic and into the heart of our marginalised communities?

Themes: Marginalised communities

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Interview with the worlds oldest living child psychotherapist: 98 yrs old Isca Wittenberg

Themes: Infant observation, Loss, Endings & Bereavement

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Therapeutic Treatment of Neglected Children & Adults — Graham Music

Themes: Neglect, Double Deprivation

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10 Minute Thought Piece: Getting the best out of online therapy with children, in spite of the glitches!

Themes: Online therapy

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How to Educate Children about Bullying: Neil Altman

Themes: Bullying

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Working 50 years for babies and families: Child Psychotherapist Dilys Daws legacy interview

Themes: Parenting, Sleep problems, Infant mental health, Fathers

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Juliet Hopkins: A life in Child Psychotherapy- Uncle John Bowlby, Attachment Theory & Psychoanalysis

Themes: Too Good Mothering, Attachment theory

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Launch event of MINDinMIND: Leading child therapists in conversation about what best helps deprived and traumatised children

Themes: Webinars

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Gianna Polacco Williams: Legacy Interview – how even the most deprived and traumatised children can be helped

Themes: Trauma, Deprivation, Double Deprivation, Defensiveness, Parenting

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