LIVE Legacy interview with internationally acclaimed psychoanalyst and researcher, Prof Beatrice Beebe

Internationally acclaimed expert on infant development and communication using groundbreaking video and audio microanalysis.

Wednesday February 28, 2024, 5pm-7pm UK /12pm-2pm ET

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders.

Professor Beatrice Beebe is known for her groundbreaking work in the field of infant-parent communication and attachment. She has made significant contributions to our understanding of early social interactions and their impact on child development through the use of video and audio microanalysis.

Beatrice’s work has had a significant influence on the fields of developmental psychology, psychoanalysis, and infant mental health.

Her research on mother-infant communication and the microanalysis of infant social engagement, she describes as like operating a ‘“social microscope,” identifying “subterranean,” rapid communications, which are often not quite perceptible in real time’.

A student of Daniel Stern, one of the first to conduct fine-grained studies of mother-infant face-to-face, Beatrice is one of the few infant researchers with a psychoanalytic training underpinning her thinking on infancy development and relationships.

Through her meticulous observations and analysis of video-recorded mother-infant interactions, Beatrice has provided valuable insights into the intricate dynamics of early social exchanges.

Beatrice’s research has shed light on the importance of nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions, vocalizations, and body movements, in establishing secure attachment bonds between infants and their caregivers. Her work has highlighted the reciprocal nature of these interactions and the role they play in shaping the child’s social and emotional development.

Beatrice has published numerous articles and co-authored several books, including “The Origins of Attachment: Infant Research and Adult Treatment” and “Forms of Intersubjectivity in Infant Research and Adult Treatment.”

There will be time for questions from the audience.

If you’re unable to make this time, a recording will be made and sent to all ticket holders.

Beatrice will be in conversation with Jane O’Rourke

We are looking forward to warmly welcoming you.

Jane O’Rourke
Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist
Founder, MINDinMIND

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